Why Bulk Email Marketing?

    High ROI

    Make cost-effective relationships with customers and prospects

    Enhances conversion rates and lifetime customer value

    Impelrecommendations and marketing

    Mass email marketing attains prospects at low prices

    How Hind IT Solution Makes Bulk Email Marketing Successful

    We help in their businesses with their bulk email marketing campaigns with our:

    Landing Pages & Web Forms

    Build Easily Contacts via CSV Files

    Creating Outstanding emails using HTML Templates

    Through put 80 K email per hour

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The Main Objective of Bulk Email

The primary goal of the bulk Email marketing service is to make sure that online entrepreneurs and marketing specialists have the capability to quickly process multiple emails and newsletters. The intrinsic process of sending emails is tiresome, burdensome, and extremely time consuming. These inbuilt limitations or restrictions of mass email sending are what this mass mail sender software program aims to resolve.

The fundamental Working Principle of the Bulk Email Sender Software

The fundamental working principle of this software program is mechanization and scalability. Certain characteristic of an email marketing campaign become more difficult when the campaign grows in size. However, this bulk mailers fundamental concepts are to take these big and tiresome tasks and automate them.

Why This Bulk Email System Trumps Its Competition

While the online ecological unit is populated by many different types of email sender programs which do the essential task of emailing numerous people simultaneously, most of these software programs are naive in nature. This is accurately why our bulk email system is so ahead of its competition. This software program is flexible enough to permit you to send Bulk emails to contacts which are stored in an external database.

Features of Bulk Email Sender Software

There are many features that you would get access to through our bulk email sender. Check out somethings to seewhich are followed by detailed descriptions.

Exceptional Speed

Flexibility & Adaptability

Personalization & Customization

Monitoring & Modifying



The fact that our bulk email program has the capability to send 50 K messages every hour makes it one of the fastest programs in the market. In fact, the ability for speed of this software is such that the speed with which you send bulk emails would only be limited by your internet connection.


As this bulk email sending software has its own SMTP server, it can bypass your ISP SMTP server. This gives you the kind of speed that is being hypedover.In addition, from the safetyperspective; your information will never get lost because there is a convenient backup and restore facility.


This software program is deliberate to give its users the maximum amount of options.


When you start using this bulk email software, you maintain full control over your contact lists as they are saved on your computer. Moreover, you also get to adapt your lists on the basis of your needs as the program's monitoring features are faultless.


This bulk email software is planned for maximum expediency. Our bulk email system software would not only be capable to keep up but also look up on it appreciably.